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Problem Pets
The first step to a well-behaved pet is to fully understand its behaviour.

Finding out the cause of unwanted behaviour allows you to solve the problem from your pet’s point of view, rather than trying to treat the symptoms with unkind methods.

Most behaviour problems are natural behaviours exhibited at an inappropriate time or place. Treatment often involves providing for the pet’s behavioural needs, such as staying safe, or needing to live as part of a social group, and offering something else to do at the time of the unwanted behaviour.

An owner who solves the problem for the animal will have a calmer pet with a more tolerant disposition. In addition, finding out how to get your pet to do what you want it to do, rather than trying to force it to behave, results in a long lasting cure and, a stronger bond between you.

Where to Start:

Books: The Rescue Dog specifically helps owners with common problems & settling in,
Good Dog Behaviour
to learn more about your dog's behaviour & training
The Perfect Puppy the essential guide for owners who have, or want to get a puppy

Classes: Training for Life Classes (at Home) and Puppy School (Puppy Classes)

Behaviour Problems: Dog Behaviour Problems and Cat Behaviour Problems
Solutions for some real-life problems (that may sound very familiar!)

Articles: There are lots of Articles on Cat & Dog Behaviour Problems, from finding a Pet Behaviour Counsellor, Chewing to House-Soiling, Obsessions, Learning about the danger in items such as Cages/Crate and Collars, Separation Anxiety, Assessing a dog in kennels and more...


Click on a picture to learn more ->
Click on a picture to learn more ->
Training for Life - Puppy/Dog Training Classes in a box!
The Rescue Dog/ Adopt the Perfect Dog by Gwen Bailey
The Perfect Puppy by Gwen Bailey
What is my dog thinking? by Gwen Bailey
What is my cat thinking? by Gwen Bailey
Good Dog Behaviour/The Well Behaved Dog by Gwen Bailey
The Puppy Handbook/ The Ideal Puppy by Gwen Bailey