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Gwen Bailey



Gwen Bailey grew up surrounded by dogs and worked in a large breeding and boarding kennels during her teenage years.  She gained a BSc(Hons) degree in Zoology and was then employed by a leading UK animal welfare charity from 1966-2002. 

She was the first person to be appointed by a national animal welfare charity as a full time Animal Behaviourist, eventually heading a team of behaviourists.  During this time she pioneered the use of dog behaviour knowledge in the rehoming of unwanted animals.

Gwen has successfully solved behaviour problems in thousands of rehomed dogs, helping to prevent dogs with behavioural problems being passed from home to home and improving the rehoming success rate.

Gwen lectures at national and international conferences, runs training courses for staff at animal charities around the world. She has written many books & education leaflets.  Gwen is a member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors.  She is Patron for the charity Dogs Helping Kids (

Visit the Puppy School

Puppy School:

Gwen now works to prevent behaviour problems among puppies & to encourage friendly, well-behaved dogs for the future.

She set up the Puppy School in 2002 and it is now a well-established network of professional, well-trained tutors across the UK.

Please visit:
for further information.

Gwen has written 14 books:

Animal Behaviour Initiatives - Gwen Bailey

1. Leaflets:

    • the following leaflets available from The Blue Cross Animal Welfare Society:
      • Alone at Home
      • Socialising Your Puppy
      • Housetraining an adult dog
      • Adolescent chewing
      • Looking after your puppy
      • A new dog in the family
      • Looking after your kitten
      • Your adopted cat
      • a range of cat behaviour leaflets written in conjunction with FAB (Feline Advisory Bureau)

2. Puppy training/socialisation classes:

    • Classes set up and run successfully for 10 years
    • Founded PuppySchool in 2002

3. Initiatives at The Blue Cross:

    • Video/booklet for educating new owners "A New Dog in the Family" with 9 of the main animal welfare charities in the UK
    • Assistant Animal Behaviourists recruited and trained
    • Survey of behaviour work at Centres conducted and recommendations made for future work, together with recommendations to improve the socialisation & habituation of puppies
    • Installation of puppy socialisation pens at all Centres
    • Survey to assess quality of adoption processes conducted. Subsequent presentation at International Veterinary Behaviour meeting
    • Assisted with 3 year research project to find out causes of separation problems in rehomed dogs with Southampton University
    • 5 year plan for introduction of behaviour work to all Centres, including recruiting and training Animal Behaviour Advisors, initiated and implementation completed
    • Socialisation charts and sound tapes for puppies and kittens initiated and prepared. Headstart for Puppies and Kittens initiated, and completed, in association with Intervet UK Ltd


4. Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC)

    • Became a member in 1991, joined their Business Committee in 1992 and was Chairman from 1995-1999. Treasurer from 2001-2.

5. Overseas work

    • Behaviour courses given in USA, Australia, Belgium, Estonia, Poland, Italy, Holland, Spain, Canada

6. Training for charities:


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Click on a picture to learn more ->
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