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Dog Behaviour with Gwen Bailey - homepage
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The Puppy Handbook/The Ideal Puppy
How to choose & educate the right puppy for you

Everyone wants to own a dog that is friendly and well-behaved, and this book will show you how to educate your puppy successfully using gentle, positive methods that are fast, effective and fun.

Different puppies have very different temperaments and characteristics, so to find the right puppy for you, Gwen Bailey helps you to take a look at which one might be best for your lifestyle, personality and family.

Contents include:

  • Choosing a puppy to match your character & lifestyle
  • How to have a sociable, friendly puppy
  • Step-by-step colour photoguides on training methods
  • How to teach a puppy to behave well
  • First lessons - housetraining, chewing & play-biting
  • Games, sports & tricks
  • Preventing aggression & other behaviour problems

See Closeup of book covers (one UK book cover and the other book covers for International).

Excerpt: "Choosing a puppy"

Excerpt: Choosing a puppy

Raising a puppy is fun and can be one of life's most rewarding experiences.

Time and care taken during the first year to educate and mould your puppy into an ideal adult will be well rewarded.

Read this excerpt from the book on Choosing a puppy

  1. Choosing a puppy
  2. Sociable puppies
  3. Gentle puppies
  4. Strong-willed puppies
  5. Puppies for experienced owners
  6. Energetic puppies

More Information:

Read Gwen's Puppy Training Advice

Also see Gwen Bailey's article on Ingredients for the Perfect Puppy

If you have read through some of the Dog Behaviour Problems listed on this site, you will soon see how problematic life can be for puppies who have not had the benefit of training for everyday life.

Please also see Training for Life (everyday life) easy & fun training classes you can do at home, including:
  • Audio tape of noises your dog must learn to be unafraid of
  • Video on how to raise a friendly, well balanced dog that can cope with everyday experiences in the modern world
  • Explanation of training using rewards, toilet training, learning to be alone, chewing, adolescence, setting boundaries and saying ‘no, solving behaviour problems, tricks, games and having fun.


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