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The Perfect Puppy
How to raise a problem-free dog
How to socialize successfully

The secret to good socialisation is to try to look at the world from your puppy's point of view. Try to imagine what it is like to be that small and vulnerable and to have such a limited knowledge. Do not overwhelm him with too much all at once but start with brief encounters and slowly build up until he is experiencing more and more. Ensure that he enjoys each new experience, playing with him and talking happily to him so that he knows there is nothing to be worried about. His natural curiosity will make him want to explore new situations and, providing you protect him from becoming afraid, he should become more and more confident as he gains experience



Humans come in all shapes, sizes, ages & types of character. Your dog will rapidly get used to people he sees every day or who regularly visit your house, but he will be unfamiliar with others unless you take care to expose him to them. It is easy to forget this because we have been familiarized with many different types of people as we have grown up.


If you want your dog to be 100 per cent confident of all humans, you will need to introduce him to all sorts of people. This includes those wearing glasses, beards, unusual clothing, uniforms, hats, motor-cycle helmets, carrying bags or sacks, people in wheelchairs, people who walk with a limp or who carry a walking stick, and people of different races

Gwen Bailey with puppy
Gwen Bailey with puppy

Your puppy needs to learn not to be frightened of eye contact with humans. You can speed up the process by holding something that the puppy wants under your chin until he looks into your eyes. Smile at the same time, showing your teeth. While your puppy is looking up at you, give him the treat.

Gwen Bailey with puppy
Gwen Bailey with puppy

Dogs Today Magazine's Carolyn Menteith says:

"Anybody with a good collection of dog books will surely own a copy of The Perfect Puppy.

Of all the books written about raising a puppy - from the very first day you bring him home, through adolescence, to finally ending up with a well-mannered member of canine society - this is the best.

It is well written and packed with great pictures that make every step simple to follow.

That The Perfect Puppy is such a great book is really no surprise when you discover it was written by Gwen Bailey - someone with the ideal credentials to advise anyone on how to bring up the perfect pup..."

Read more from this article including the background to Gwen writing The Perfect Puppy.

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