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The Perfect Puppy
How to raise a problem-free dog

"The Perfect Puppy" is for puppy owners, or would-be owners, who want to know how to bring their puppy up to be a happy, well-behaved and friendly adult dog.

Anti-social behaviour in dogs is often blamed on owners, but many are not irresponsible or uncaring, they simply have insufficient knowledge. This book provides that knowledge.

Containing the most up-to-date behavioural information, the emphasis of this fascinating book is on prevention rather than cure. Follow Gwen Bailey's advice & you should have no trouble with problems such as chewed shoes, pulling on the lead and aggression when your dog is fully grown.

Full-colour photographs illustrate subjects such as socialisation, house-training, preventing biting and aggression, training and many more. See Closeup of book covers (one UK book cover and another book cover for International).

Excerpt: "How to socialise successfully"

Excerpt: How to socialise successfully

Life for young puppies should be one long, happy adventure.

Too often, it is a rather confusing time when humans expect too much of them & they often get into trouble for breaking rules they did not know existed.

Read this excerpt from the book on how to socialise successfully



  1. The raw material
  2. A puppy's-eye view of the world
  3. The new family
  4. Developmental stages & what to do
  5. Living with a new puppy: the first steps
  6. Socialization
  7. Housetraining: the first lesson
  8. Leading the pack
  9. Toys and games
  10. Controlling the games
  11. Preventing biting & aggression
  12. Handling & grooming
  13. Good manners
  14. Chewing & learning to be left alone
  15. How puppies learn
  16. Training (practical exercises)
  17. Progressing the training
  18. Discipline
  19. Adolescence & beyond

Appendix: Socialization programme
Further reading
Useful addresses

Dogs Today Magazine's Carolyn Menteith says:

"Anybody with a good collection of dog books will surely own a copy of The Perfect Puppy.

Of all the books written about raising a puppy - from the very first day you bring him home, through adolescence, to finally ending up with a well-mannered member of canine society - this is the best.

It is well written and packed with great pictures that make every step simple to follow.

That The Perfect Puppy is such a great book is really no surprise when you discover it was written by Gwen Bailey - someone with the ideal credentials to advise anyone on how to bring up the perfect pup..."

Read more from this article including the background to Gwen writing The Perfect Puppy.

More Information:

Also read Gwen's Puppy Training Advice

If you have read through some of the Dog Behaviour Problems listed on this site, you will soon see how problematic life can be for puppies who have not had the benefit of training for everyday life.

Also see Gwen Bailey's article on Ingredients for the Perfect Puppy, Socialising your Puppy & Socialising a Litter of Puppies

Please also see Training for Life (everyday life) easy & fun training classes you can do at home, including:
  • Audio tape of noises your dog must learn to be unafraid of
  • Video on how to raise a friendly, well balanced dog that can cope with everyday experiences in the modern world
  • Explanation of training using rewards, toilet training, learning to be alone, chewing, adolescence, setting boundaries and saying ‘no, solving behaviour problems, tricks, games and having fun.

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