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A Career as a Pet Behaviour Counsellor

To become a pet behaviour counsellor, you will need an academic knowledge of the theory of behaviour and solutions to problems, practical handling skills and experience, and an empathy with, and an ability to communicate with and motivate owners.

The ability to run a professional, financially sound and accountable practice is also essential.

At present, there is no recognised route for study, but there are an increasing number of courses related to pet behaviour counselling on offer. A degree in behavioural studies, veterinary medicine, psychology, or one of the biological sciences can provide the best background.

There are also degree courses run specifically on animal behaviour.
It is also advisable to read as widely as possible and attend as many lectures given by APBC members and other specialist in the field of animal behaviour as you can.

In addition to academic knowledge, it is essential to acquire a thorough understanding of companion animals.

One of the best ways of doing this is by gaining practical, hands-on experience.
Working in a kennels, cattery stables, at a veterinary surgery, or one of the animal welfare societies for several years is an ideal way to do this.

These addresses are useful sources for further information:

Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors
PO Box 46
Tel. / Fax 01386 751151

Southampton University
Dr. Anne McBride
Department of Adult Continuing Education
University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ
(Runs Diploma and MSc courses in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling)

Edinburgh University
Sally West
Institute of Ecology and Resource Management
Agricultural Building
West Mains Road
(Runs MSc Courses in Animal Behaviour)

De Montfort University
School of Agriculture and Horticulture
Caythorpe Court
NG32 3EP
Tel. 0131 667 1041
(Runs BSc courses in Animal Behaviour)

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